In keeping with the objectives of the Department of Transport (DOT), specifically on ensuring a fully integrated public transport network, the Rustenburg Local Municipality (RLM) acknowledges that the restructuring of its public transport network as envisaged by the RRT Project, cannot be fully achieved without the participation of the existing minibus-taxi industry in the implementation of the new system.

RLM envisages significant participation by the taxi industry and the current bus operators in the form of ownership and management of public transport companies operating on and feeding to the corridors and the operation of buses on the trunk corridors. The operation of DOT compliant vehicles on parts of the routes that feed and distribute from corridors where the passenger volumes so dictate.

The Municipality has achieved the following milestones with the local taxi industry

  • Memorandum of Agreement
  • Establishment of the Operating Company
  • Initial processes for the procurement of new bus fleet