The rapid transport system which will operate as Yarona Rustenburg has a mandate from the National Department of Transport, to provide a better public transport system for the people of Rustenburg.



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Office: 1st Floor 156 Bethlehem Drive, Rustenburg, 3000

Terms and conditions for Yarona cards in the Yarona system

Yarona Card


In order to travel on Yarona vehicles, you will need to purchase a non-refundable Yarona card.

Payment of Yarona fares can only be made using a Yarona card.

When you receive your Yarona card you must note the PIN printed on the card. When your card is lost or stolen, this PIN allows you to link a new card to your existing mobility account.

The Yarona card may be used to access stations and travel on Yarona vehicles if loaded with sufficient credit(money) to pay for the fare.

Each customer must have their own Yarona card. Hold your Yarona card over the validator at the left front door of the bus or over the access turnstile terminal at the stations until the machine indicates that you can proceed with a “green” light. Immediately remove your Yarona card from the vicinity of the terminal or validator otherwise you may be charged more than once. No refund will be made in such case as the double debitis due to your error.

Value Load Component or Mobility Account

The value load component of your Yarona card is the amount of your cash deposited into a mobility account administered by a financial service provider.

You can spend this credit balance by tapping your Yarona card as payment for travel on Yarona vehicles and at certain retail outlets. All financial services relating to the mobility account of the Yarona card are provided by the financial service provider. Yarona does not render any financial services in respect of the mobility account.

All cash deposited or transferred as credit towards the mobility account is held as a deposit in a bank account by the financial service provider.

You must use all credit loaded as part of the mobility account on your Yarona card and may not claim a refund.

Yarona has no control over credit loaded onto the mobility account of your Yarona card and no power to refund any credit on this mobility account to you or to direct the financial service provider to make such a refund. Yarona also has no power to rectify any errors or resolve any disputes relating to transactions on your Yarona card in respect of the mobility account, which you must address directly with the financial service provider.

You can load value at a Yarona kiosk (during kiosk hours), at selected shops, Yarona informal traders or through internet banking via SANRAL portals.

Value on your card

You will not be allowed onto a bus or into a station without sufficient value on your Yarona card. This is the case even if the station kiosk is closed or if there are no validator ambassadors at the stop or station.